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(Latin for) to give, to cause, to inspire.

Once upon a time, a silly college girl proposed her senior net art project idea of sewing bow ties for pets to benefit a local humane society. The professor warned her and her partner that the class would laugh. And they did.

Fast forward 2 years...

After officially opening her business, same girl sends thousands of pet bow ties and bandanas worldwide, gets featured on Buzzfeed and in the Dapper Dog Box's subscription box, is sold at several brick and mortar locations and writes checks to the Maui Humane Society totaling over $10,000. To my senior net art class & professor: I'm laughing with you! #girlpower #bethechange


At Bow Addo, we unapologetically love our fur babies, your fur babies, and ALL fur babies. Our 4-legged children rock handmade bow ties + bandanas on the reg and the amount of compliments and positive feedback they’ve received has inspired us to design more while giving back to a worthy cause, one that gave us the opportunity to rescue and be rescued.

We give 20% of each purchase to the Maui Humane Society. This independent non-profit organization accepts all in need, educates the community, and inspires respect and compassion towards all animals. Like Bow Addo, MHS is dedicated to protecting and saving the lives of animals.


Becoming part of a worthy cause, now that is class.

Pet Bow Tie
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